While those of us who live here have a meal at a Thai street food market on occasion, we appreciate having a daily well prepared and inexpensive sit down meal that reminds us of home. Enjoy UEC’s Thai, Western or Fusion breakfast, lunch or dinner, prepared at the UEC offices in Silom Plaza!

Meals at UEC – Thai food at its best!

Traditional Cooking

Our in-house cook prepares delicious meals from scratch, buys her selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and other necessary ingredients daily in the market, brews coffee with local Arabica beans that are freshly ground when you order your cup o’ java, and prepares cooling and vitamin laden fruit smoothies to your liking. All dishes are made to order, and if you would like to eat something that is not on the menu, just teach our chef and she will make it for you the next time!

During the TEFL course, the daily lunch selection is posted on the board, with meal prices in the Thai Baht 40 to 60 Baht range (up to 2 U$).

Eating Healthy

Our cook is a single mother with a daughter in high school and a dream. Her dream is that she will be able to pay her daughter’s school fees and afford sending her to university. All funds generated through the sale of food and drink go towards enabling her daughter to graduate from high school and go on to university.

All food is prepared without shortcuts, MSG or refined sugars. We eat here, and we love it, as do our course attendees. You will too, we are sure.

UEC TEFL Course Graduate Comments

“Thank you! I always looked forward to your lunch. Such a nice and tasty break and such fair prices! I will miss the tea and honey you served every day.”
Pat J., USA
“Your food was wonderful, and I am going to miss having lunch here everyday. Thank you!! :)”
Madeleine, UK
“I loved all your food, especially Somtum and Krapao chicken..I will come back to eat your food again soon! Thank you!”
Vinni, USA
“Your food was wonderful, and I am going to miss having lunch here everyday. Thank you!! :)”
Madeleine, UK
“Thanks for all the delicious food you prepared for us! I cannot list all the good meals we had with you, but the Mafia Aubergine was wonderful! I will come back to have lunch again with you when I am in town!”
Frank, Australia
“Thank you Ms. Noi for all the wonderful and delicious lunches. The strong coffee always helped me get ready for the start of TEFL class!”
Ms. Wei, Taiwan