All quotes below are actual statements taken from course evaluations completed by course attendees. The original evaluations are on file at the TESOL Institute and can be viewed at any time.

What TEFL course graduates are saying:                                    Check courses


I do feel ready to take up a career as an EFL teacher. The in-class training and practice teaching have prepared me for other real classrooms, and have provided me with the resources to tackle almost any situation.Feb 2017.
Tommi, USA


I have gained a lot more confidence in myself since starting the course, and could easily see myself walking in to a classroom as a teacher. Jan 2017.
Joshua, UK



There was a lot to learn in 4 weeks. The instructor has the ability to explain things so everyone can understand. He is also very supportive and encouraging . Jan 2017.
Sharon, Australia


Completed the course with UEC in November 2016 and I highly recommend it. Engaging, challenging, supportive; really impressed. On completion, while seeking work, I presented  my TEFL certificate from UEC and was not even asked to give a teaching demonstration. The employer had complete faith in the course I had studied and the integrity of the course instructor. Dec 2016.
Josh, UK


I am ready because now I have all the tools required to be a good teacher, and the course makes me feel more confident. Practice teaching at Fatima increased my wish to become a teacher. I enjoyed the course and it’s exactly what I expected for my investment. Thanks to all. Dec 2016.
Vin, France


The practice teaching and writing lesson plans were most helpful. I liked the variety. Every teaching experience is different and you have to adapt to the level and number of students. Dec 2016.
Rebeca, Mexico


It brought attention to the many aspects of teaching that one would not assume; culture, attitude, discipline etc. The instructor is qualified, professional, patient and a role model. Dec 2016.
Martin, UK

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