The perfect TEFL course is one that does not only prepare you well for classroom teaching, but is a course that also gets the new graduate a teaching job in the best learning environment of their choice asap.
Graduate on Friday and teach on Tuesday
Ideally, and if you are the productive type, after completing a four week teacher training course and graduating on a Friday, you may like to be interviewed by a good school on Monday, and then start working that week. What if you did not have to go on that annoying job search, combing through endless employment advertisements where you notice you are either too old or too young, under-qualified, or the wrong ethnicity, gender or citizenship?
A network of graduates
Skipping the job search does not sound too bad, right? Complete your teaching resume as part of the UEC TEFL course, discuss with your TEFL course instructor colleagues the kind of employment you are looking for and on the last day of the course, be presented with an interview slot at an international school looking for someone with your qualifications. Skip the employment search, as you are too busy with the TEFL course anyway.
TEFL course for actual teaching practice
This is exactly what Sonia, a graduate of our most recent 120 hour TEFL course did.
A Thai national and recent university graduate, Sonia had been doing an excellent job in her practice teaching sessions and was a very enthusiastic learner and teacher. Having completed a Master degree in education at a top tier Thai university had not trained her in actual lesson preparation and teaching of classes, so she decided to join the UEC TEFL course to gain teaching practice and experience in a classroom as part of her UEC TEFL course.
When we let her know that one of our colleagues in administration at an international school was looking for an elementary level ESL teacher, Sonia fine tuned her resume and sent it off to the school. She had her interview on Monday, passed with flying colors, and starts teaching this week.
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
It is said that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Please note that we are not a placement agency, nor do we guarantee any employment after you have completed the course, since it completely depends on how well you do on the teacher training, and how serious you are about wanting to secure employment post graduation. As part of our course, participants learn to thoroughly prepare and be prepared for any and many sudden changes in the teaching environment, and when the opportunity arises, our graduates create their own “luck” this way. And yes, we do our best to connect good teachers with good schools, and that is a synergy we are proud of.

We at UEC send Sonia our whole hearted congratulations and wish her all the best in her new teaching career!
For more information about how you can maximize your professional teaching, professional development and income opportunities, feel free to contact us directly.

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