Our students are all Thai individuals who want to learn English but cannot afford to pay for classes. They are generally members of the lower to lowest rung on the socio-economic ladder in Thailand, and knowing a second language will greatly improve their chances to obtain well paying work. The observed practice teaching hours will start in the second week of your five week course:

While the initial one on one teaching hours will be held on our premises, the majority of small group practice teaching hours will be off site, which will allow you a look at organizations aiding the less fortunate in Thai society.

The TEFL Institute is working with the Fatima Center, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters, and teachers at the Bangkok School for the Blind. The students who are part of the Fatima Center are Thai women between the ages of 12 – 19 years. The non-profit organization offers educational and vocational training to young girls and women struggling to break out of the unending cycle of poverty. Under the expert direction of those whose sole concern is the welfare of others, the Fatima Center has become as self-sufficient as possible. Education plays a large role in helping these women trying to escape poverty. They are encouraged to enter education programs and to further their studies, thus enabling them to help themselves. You will practice teaching English with your trainer for an assigned class at the Fatima Center.

The Bangkok School for the Blind has a very enthusiastic staff of Thai teachers of English who do tremendous work with the blind and visually impaired children at this boarding facility, and the TESOL Institute practicing teachers come to share their gained knowledge and expertise with the teachers in a relaxed setting. There are always volunteer opportunities available for our course graduates at the School for the Blind, and few children are more thankful for any time you can spare and spend than the children at the School for the Blind. Not emotionally easy, but an incredibly fulfilling experience!

Teaching at the Thai government school is the final step in your practice teaching experience. A classroom of up to fifty active middle school children awaits to give you a first hand feel for teaching in this type of an environment. While it may sound daunting, all our practicing teachers spend time observing lessons taught in the various environments before it is their turn, and the encouraging trainer always stands by for help or advice if needed.

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