Never lie about not having a degree, and do not be tempted to buy a fake degree on the street in Bangkok. Fake degrees and lies regarding earned credentials can cause you major problems, including incarceration or deportation. Thai Ministry of Education regulations re. degree requirements are strict and explicit, but many schools are in desperate need of foreigners to teach conversational English. If you have a 2 year Associate ‘s degree or specific, credentialed or certified work experience, and have completed a 120 hour TESOL course, some schools in Bangkok, but even more schools outside Bangkok, will want to interview you. Your clean police background check, professional demeanor and well kempt exterior will open the door to the interview, but knowing how to teach during your 30 minute show lesson will make or break your chances of getting hired. To increase your chances of getting hired, join the UEC TESOL course that will expose you to a variety of teaching environments and includes a resume and employment hunting workshop.

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