The major areas of focus are:

  1. Teaching methodology and techniques. Classroom strategies, identifying objectives. Lesson planning activities and methods.
  2. An introduction to Asian and specifically Thai-people, culture, language and specific teaching-learning problems you might encounter.
  3. How to correct English grammar: a thorough teacher-friendly review, aimed at correcting typical learner errors by practicing conversation interactively and dynamically.
  4. A review of teaching books and resources, how to use them effectively in accordance with specific course requirements, and how to use them for efficient lesson planning.
  5. A look at specialized language teaching (ESP): children and younger learners, business English and writing, academic English, vocational training (hotels, tour guides, banks, airline/aviation and technical English), and more.
  6. Alternative teaching methods: Games and activities, post-grad reviews and teacher development.
  7. Course design and curriculum development.
  8. Maximum in-class teaching practice and critique.
  9. The real world of institutionalized teaching. How to schedule your teaching times and be most effective. Time management, part and full-time options, etc. Visa and work-permits, teacher licensing and pro-active job placement.
  10. And, very importantly: Teaching Practice in a ‘live’ classroom with real students, monitored and evaluated outside of class learning hours.
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