With UEC TEFLTHAI, you get more than you pay for: A first rate teacher training course, taught by actual international educators who have been teaching at top corporations and schools for almost ten years in Thailand and before that, in other parts of the world, and who have your complete teaching success as their main priority. The UEC TEFLTHAI four-week course is created for a small and select group of TEFL trainees, serious about wanting to learn the skills of teaching and advancing the education of others and in turn, their own career. The UEC TEFLTHAI four week course is intensive, challenging and will keep you very busy. In turn, we guarantee that by the end of the course, you will have a solid grasp on teaching English as another language and will know the educator employment situation in Thailand as well as at international schools. This will enable and empower you to be successful in finding suitable teaching employment anywhere in the world.

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