The TESOL Institute is a school of high academic standards. Our teachers have instructed in many companies, schools of all levels and government agencies. They are teaching in many primary and high schools, both government and private. We depend upon word-of-mouth recommendations of our quality, integrity and professionalism. The International University Standard TEFL Certificate from The TESOL Institute is valued and respected by language academies across Thailand, Asia, and the world.

Customized Learning
Our TEFL Program is designed to meet the needs of Asian learners of English in general; and to Asian business persons in particular. It is geared towards teaching Thai and other Asian students in the real environments and cultures of Asia.

Teaching Practice
Our TEFL students practice their newly acquired skills in three different teaching environments outside of course hours: One on one teaching of adults, small group setting with adult students, and a Thai classroom setting with young learners. You will be teaching for a minimum of eight hours as part of the course, and have the opportunity to teach many more hours if interested. All practice teaching is observed and supervised by a trainer who will help you be a better teacher.

Your “Practice Teaching” Students
We at TEFL believe in helping you while helping the less fortunate in our midst. All of us here donate our time twice a week to teach English for free, and we have teamed up with the non-profit Fatima Foundation which offers a variety of classes geared towards helping disadvantaged Thai women attain essential job skills and a healthy sense of self. Classes include typing, computer skills, handicraft and English. You will help teach speaking and listening skills to their beginning and intermediate learners using a variety of academic texts. You are certainly welcome to donate additional teaching time upon completion of the course.

What to Expect
Teaching practice begins in the second week of your TEFL course. All practice teaching is observed and supervised by your trainer, and you will receive both written and verbal feedback after each lesson. You will start by teaching one on one in week two of the course, then move to teach a small group of adults before reaching the third stage of your teaching practice, which is the supervised teaching of a class in a Thai public school. You will practice teach at least eight hours during your course, but you can opt to practice teach additional hours to further hone your teaching skills.

All TEFL classmates are invited to attend their peers’ practice teaching sessions: to observe and to provide moral support! An experienced observer will evaluate your performance, providing deserved praise and helpful suggestions for improvement.

Class Size
We have a maximum enrollment number of six students in each TEFL course. This makes for a beneficial, fruitful and individualized experiential learning process for all TEFL course participants.

Check Us Out – Visit a Lesson!
If you are already in Thailand, we invite you to come for a visit, meet the trainers, talk with the current students, and sit in on all or part of a lesson.

See what we do, how we do it and get your own impression. We are best known for our approachable classroom atmosphere, professional teacher-trainers, and well-priced tuition. Read what some of our former students have to say.

All that you need to undertake our TEFL program is a valid Tourist Visa.

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