When the Teacher Council Thailand issued UEC the license to be one of only 15 academic institutions in the Kingdom to teach the 20 hour Thai Language, Culture and Ethics course a number of years ago, the need for such a course was overwhelming.

Thai culture course for a Thai teaching license

The 20 hour Thai Culture and Ethics course had been developed in response to the overwhelming number of requests the Teacher Council Thailand had received from Thai government schools pertaining to Westerners who were simply not knowledgeable enough in the more subtle yet important cultural differences between East and West.

Teachers as role models

Teachers in Thailand are highly regarded and even revered in some cases for their proper behavior, selfless love for their profession and determination to teach under often times difficult circumstances, with overcrowded classrooms (fifty to sixty students in one class are not uncommon) and disciplinary infractions by students on the rise. The hope has been for the 20 hour course to enable foreign instructors to even better understand Thai values and adjust their behavior if necessary. As with any new requirements by government agencies, there have been mixed reviews and questions about the efficacy of the program overall, but the idea has been lauded by academics in general.

The course to save marriages

While a number of Western instructors have been teaching and living successfully and happily in Thailand without any great difficulties, learning about values such as conflict avoidance and relationship orientation has helped even long standing expats in Thailand.
Knowing about different cultural values is not only valuable when one wants to maintain good relations at work, but this awareness can even save a marriage, which is what a number of UEC Thai Culture course graduates have stated.


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