The first group of UEC TEFL graduates is about to complete their Bachelor degree program at a Thai university, and we just had to find out more why they did it..

Bachelor degree in Bangkok

The astounding answer we got from the UEC TEFL course graduates was that the whole program at a Bangkok based university had worked out very well for them.
The university has a good and solid English language degree program with courses offered on weekends and weeknights over the four year period.
UEC 120 hour TEFL course graduates started working as English teachers at Thai schools, and then realized that a degree would not only enable them to teach and earn more, but even sort out their visa status for the duration of their studies.

Tuition in the US$2,000 Range

With university tuition being so incredibly expensive in the United States, many students choose community colleges offering two year Associate degree programs, or simply realize that a degree is not affordable nor in their budget.

Thai university programs for Western students

With fully Western accredited university programs, semester tuition ranging from 2,000 and 3,000 U$ and housing costs in the three hundred U$/month range, TEFL certified instructors in Thailand can maintain a good standard of living while completing their university degree. Thai universities are starting to focus on providing an inexpensive yet high quality alternative to what Western institutions are offering at top dollar, and more and more Western students are made aware of this excellent alternative to a US degree.

Challenges for Westerners

Thailand is a South East Asian country, so temperatures are hot, it is humid, there is lots of traffic, people speak a foreign language, and the culture is different from what Westerners may be used to. But then, Thailand happens to also be one of the top travel destinations for Western tourists who find these differences charmingly exotic.

Bachelor degree means more options

The UEC TEFL course graduates who are completing their degree program are looking forward to doubling their monthly salaries as teachers.

More Information

For more information, contact us and we can connect you with a university for more details.

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