Looking to earn maximum US Tax free income by teaching English overseas? If you have a clean record, do not mind the heat and cultural differences, this may be just for you!

Requirements for Eligibility

Due to the requirements of teaching males in the petroleum industry in Saudi Arabia, only native English speaking male instructors are potentially eligible candidates for these corporate teaching positions. You need to have a US Bachelor degree or equivalent 4 year degree, a Tefl or TESOL certificate and four years of teaching experience.

Higher degree = Higher pay
Since 2004, we have had so many UEC TEFL course graduates with Bachelor degrees who were looking for high income teaching positions, we wanted to make the best paying teaching opportunities available to our graduates. After checking with US government agencies and military industrial contractors for teaching employment opportunities in the Middle East, the highest teaching pay available for Bachelor degree holders with teaching experience was about US$44,500 per year, tax free. That, to us, was not enough. So we kept looking and came upon this opportunity that pays, in our view and experience, the best teaching wages in all of Saudi Arabia:

For native English speaking males under the age of 56, meeting above listed requirements, remuneration packages start at US$7,500++PER MONTH and go up to 5 figures..More experience and higher degrees equal higher pay.

The Teaching Load
Teach 4 hours five days per week, spend an additional 4 hours per workday in the office to prepare for classes, get twelve days paid vacation every four months, including roundtrip flight to London or percentage remuneration of the flight fare.

Think Before You Apply:
The work pays well as the environment is not without its challenges: culturally, educationally, and for many, intellectually and emotionally as well. These are one year contracts, and there are renewal bonuses, but there is still substantial turnover.

Upsides to Teaching in Saudi Arabia: :
Saudi Arabia has world class facilities: Great gyms, Western chain restaurants and supermarkets, and perfectly functioning high speed internet connection to stay in touch with loved ones back home. You will be able to save a lot of money and can fully focus on perfecting your teaching, and you can travel to neighboring Dubai on the weekends. Dubai is the #1 Las Vegas like tourist destination of the Middle East, as well as the playground of the rich and famous.

If you are a native English speaker with the appropriate passport, have a clean background check, are looking to teach in a corporate setting, and make very good money, then teaching in Saudi Arabia is perfect for you.

We already have a number of course graduates currently teaching in the Kingdom and we are accepting more teaching candidates.

How to obtain a teaching position in Saudi Arabia

If you are already teaching in Bangkok and have above listed qualifications, contact us, and we can get you started with more information. Recruiting fairs are held in Manila or KL, and your flight ticket price of up to 400USD is reimbursed to you in cash when you are invited to the interview and arrive on site.

Brand new to teaching?
If you have a Bachelor degree but in a non-education field, complete the US graduate level UEC 120 TEFL/TESOL course which can earn eligible individuals nine US graduate credits in education. We then assist you in finding a teaching position at a Thai Government school, where you will be making about USD1,300 per month. After two years of teaching, you can start applying for Saudi teaching employment. During these two years of teaching, you can also work on completing UEC’s Buffalo State, SUNY Master degree taught in Bangkok for international educators, which will further increase your salary.

US Bachelor degree in education but between jobs?

If you have a Bachelor degree in education but are currently seeking employment as a teacher, explore teaching in Saudi Arabia! Read on, then contact us for more details.

High School graduates seeking employment:

If you consider yourself adventurous, like people and do not mind interacting with crowds (you will need to, as a teacher in a classroom), bring your clean police report and background check and come to Thailand to complete the UEC 4 week TEFL/TESOL course, then enroll in an English language Bachelor degree program for working adults at a Thai university in Bangkok. There are Thai universities that run fully US equivalent and accredited undergraduate degree programs for a fraction of the US cost. Once you have successfully passed the course and are enrolled in the Bachelor degree program, you can easily find teaching employment at a Thai school. This employment will pay your housing, food and tuition bills.

Teach in Thailand to teach in Saudi Arabia
The hiring school can request the Thai Teacher Council to issue you with a temporary 2 year renewable teaching license. By the end of your 3.5 to 4 year degree program, you can easily apply for Saudi teaching employment, as you have all the above requirements: Bachelor degree, TEFL cert, and 4 years of teaching. EASY!

The hiring Saudi companies prefer Westerners to have overseas teaching experience, which you will also have at that point. Look for our Bachelor degree post for more details, or contact us directly.

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