What makes our course your only choice for teacher training in Thailand?

Teaching Experience in Thailand

The UEC DIFFERENCE                                    Maximum Practice Teaching Exposure

Thai Ministry of Education Licensed & Recognized Worldwide
Eligible graduates can apply for a Thai teacher’s license or can work anywhere in the world with the accreditation.You will receive both a Thai as well as an English language certification
Quality Instructors
Our course instructors have advanced academic degrees, attend international education conferences, run teaching methodology workshops for current teachers in the field and have numerous years experience in successfully teaching English to Thais in Thailand, from K-12 to corporate English training. This way, your TEFL course gets you not only the latest academic wisdom but practical real time examples and insight from TEFL instructors!
Small Learning Groups Make for Big Leaps in Learning
We have a maximum enrollment number of eight participants for every TEFL course. This makes for a beneficial, individualized and more intensive experiential learning environment for all TEFL course participants. To secure a seat on the course of your choice, reserve your TEFL Course
Creating Quality Educators
Private schools, corporations as well as government schools have been eagerly hiring our graduates since our first class in 2001. The need for respectful, professional and knowledgeable educators in Thailand is growing. If you are keen on teaching at one of the many excellent schools around Bangkok, let us help prepare you and your resume so you can obtain the teaching job of your choice.

Observed Practice Teaching
Our course includes up to eight observed hours of practice teaching in four different teaching environments: One on one, small group, volunteer groups and Thai government school classroom teaching. Many of our cohorts interact with Thai teachers in workshop settings as well. Why? To get you maximum exposure to teaching and Thai teachers while part of the course! Practice teaching in each of these settings helps you choose your teaching preference later on.
Make A Difference
All practice teaching is done for Thai students and Thai teachers who do not have the funds to pay for English lessons. All of our instructors donate their time to teach English lessons every week to the less fortunate, and we invite you to do the same: You will make a world of difference!
Community Volunteering
Many UEC alumni have continued to make a difference by joining our on-going volunteer teaching programs.


Increased Employability                                      Cultural Awareness

Resume Workshop
The UEC Resume Workshop will give you the tools to have your CV stand out from the crowd! Learn how to make your CV work for you.
Interview Skills
“You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan.” Anon. The UEC Interview Skills Workshop will set you up for success every time you interview.
Employment Opportunities
The UEC Employment Opportunities Workshop will answer all the questions you may have about teaching or volunteering in Thailand. Guest speakers will share up to date information about the various teaching environments and present current employment opportunities.
Understanding Thai culture
In order to be a successful teacher, you need to be able to connect with your students. Knowing the foreign culture is essential to making this connection. You will learn, understand and work with the subtle and not so subtle cultural differences as part of our course. We don’t teach you how to carve a watermelon, instead we give you ample opportunity to interact with and teach Thais to truly experience and understand their culture .


Education and Teaching Affiliations