Effective English communication can make the difference between your business surviving and failing in the 21st century global business climate. Poor communication can lose a sale or unintentionally offend a client. To be successful in the global business world today, it is imperative to communicate effectively, using the world ‘s business language, English. In an era of technology and globalisation, English is essential to close deals, plan strategies, expand business, and make decisions.

Corporate Training & English Language Services

UEC helps companies analyse the English language skills needed by their staff. After a consultation session, we review and discuss the best training program for your company ‘s specific needs. We deliver tailored and comprehensive English training which focuses not only on your company ‘s objectives but also on your staff ‘s language needs. We are dedicated to producing quality courses which lead to positive goal-orientated results.

Save time and money by providing effective customised in-house English training courses and corporate training workshops for your staff.

English Proficiency Assessment

Our courses focus on the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) & language systems(grammar, lexis, function and phonology). After individual assessment, your staff  members will be grouped according to their ability, and an English program will be designed and implemented for their specific level and needs. One to one courses can also be created for individual staff members who need to improve in specific areas.

Classes can take place at your workplace or at one of our tutorial schools.

Industry-Specific Language Training (One-to-One/Small Group)

  UEC have been training Suan Dusit Place Hotel staff for over 10 years.


                   THAI Airways staff, trained by UEC since 2009.


Our Team

Our team of experienced English trainers are able to readily design specifically targeted courses for any job description. Our objective is to ensure that the trainer, study material and course content meet your specific needs and goals. We train our students to become confident and functional users of English.

Save time and money by providing effective customized in-house English training courses and corporate training workshops for your staff.

Our enjoyable skill based courses presented at your office will increase your productivity and profits.