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Education Endeavors on the Thai Myanmar Border

Where The Interest in Teaching English Can Take You

We first had set out to explore options to provide educational assistance in one of the large UN run Karen refugee camps along the Thai Burmese border, until we were advised by the Thai military contacts who had provided us access to one of the camps that the major NGOs were already addressing the needs, and we could be of greater help at one of the numerous villages within the restricted military zone along the border.

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  • Thai Flood 2011
    Rice Donation For Thai Flood Victims Rice Donation For Thai Flood Victims

    Rice Donation For Thai Flood Victims

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Rice Donation For Thai Flood Victims

The UEC TESOL Institute donates half a ton of rice to the flood victims in Ayutthaya, Thailand, one of the areas worst hit by the floods. The rice will be put into 5 kg bags before being distributed by the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

Experiencing the worst flooding in the last fifty years, villagers are trying to survive while depending completely on donations, and the country is struggling to find ways to aid the rising number of people directly impacted by the deluge.

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