Affordable Apartments for UEC TEFL Trainees

We have identified some great housing options for you in a –literally- three minute walk from where the UEC TEFL/TESOL course is held, right in Bangkok’s downtown banking district!

There is nothing more nerve wracking than trying to find a low cost apartment, especially when you consider moving to a big exotic city like Bangkok. Bangkok, formerly known as the Venice of the East, is a hustling and bustling metropolis with more than 8,2 million inhabitants, and it can be pretty intimidating trying to find a place to stay if you are new to this kind of environment, can not speak the language and do not know whom to trust for housing. For you to get an idea of the intensity on the roads and footpaths in this fair city, someone once put it this way: The exhilaration of the chaotic Bangkok foot and vehicle traffic makes New York City look like a small town, and London like a village..

Room Cleaning and Laundry

For a modest fee, you can even have your clothes laundered (washed/folded, or pressed) overnight! Room cleaning services are also available. Affordable house keeping services leaves more time to enjoy the city.

Where To Eat

There are hundreds of street food vendors right on Silom, within a stone’s throw from your residence. If you prefer healthy Thai, Western or fusion cooking, check out UEC’s own health conscious freshly prepared array of delicious meals, coffee or fruit juice for any time of day.

Convenient Location

All modes of transportation lead to Silom in the heart of Bangkok, where you will find various inexpensive housing options amidst luxury hotels.

The UEC TEFL training center and offices of UECTHAI are in Silom, downtown Bangkok, next to the THAI Airways office, in Bangkok’s business and banking district and walking distance of three- to five star international luxury chain hotels, ranging from the Holiday Inn Silom to the LeBua State Tower Hotel and Royal Orchid Sheraton. All public transportation systems have stops in short walking distance from our office, be it the BTS Skytrain, MRT subway, or BRT bus lines, aside from public buses, private bus services, taxis, and motorcycle taxis.

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The Best Inexpensive Long Stay Housing Options in Bangkok!
The minimum rental duration for one room is one month, with a one month refundable deposit. Some tenants just want the room for two weeks but enjoy the low monthly rate and the downtown location, and willingly pay for the month.

Room rates start as low as Thai Baht 4,500/month(currently unavailable) for a very small room (think monastic cell), and go to Thai Baht 8,500 for a large room with a refrigerator, tv and kitchen sink. Have a look at the pictures to get an idea of the room size.

All rooms feature amenities such as air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms with hot water heaters for your morning shower, but please note that you will be charged separately for metered water and electricity usage, the fees for which will be subtracted from your deposit at the end of your stay.

FOR RENT: Safe, quiet and clean rooms in central Bangkok, short walking distance from all shopping and eateries.

We only recommend where we would stay ourselves. The rooms are rather spartan but safe, clean and quiet, with security locks and key card entry. We know the landlords and property managers and also have some long term tenants who have graduated from UEC programs and are English teachers at schools in the downtown Bangkok area.


Bangkok Apartment Reservation

Have a look at the pictures of the rooms. If you like what you see and it works for you, send us a reservation request, identifying your housing needs and time frame, be it budget limitations or want for a spacious room, and we will let you know what is available. We will send you payment information for making the room deposit payment to secure your room choice.

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