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Thinking of teaching English in Thailand?

You'll need to invest in a TEFL (also called TESOL or TESL) certificate. To ensure that your certificate is recognized throughout Thailand and worldwide, the certificate should come from a reputable institution. UEC TEFL Thailand is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and is a respected educational provider with strong connections to schools and language institutions throughout Thailand and beyond.

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Teaching Resume

Teaching Resume
Teaching Resume

The UEC difference

Our Mission & Vision

Teacher, Language and Culture Training  The UEC and TEFLThai mission is to affect positive change by empowering individuals through education, no matter where our learners reside or come from. Progress through education is our motto. Our vision is to prepare caring and culturally aware teachers who will effectively and efficiently utilize the highest quality of teaching, leadership and scholarship to affect positive change within themselves and their learning community.Water Testing Project with Thai Military

Small classes so you get the personal attention

Classes are limited to 8 students, which means every student will receive proper assistance and guidance. Students will also get ample teaching experience with “real” students in “real” classroom environments throughout the 4 weeks to build the confidence they need to handle any class sizes and settings.TEFL in Bangkok

Effective teaching methodologies

You are looking to learn how to teach, not to study grammar. There is now a worldwide shift to provide more engaging lessons in this Information Age. It’s no longer enough to stand in front of the class and dictate the lesson to students. Lessons need to be engaging, involving and interesting to our learners. That’s why we at UEC TEFL Thailand employ the latest proven inquiry based methods to help all students learn. This teacher training course is demanding, but it will feel challenging and rewarding every step of the way. There is no grammar cramming here. Instead, you might find yourself taking the students on an imaginary train ride while teaching the present continuous tense.


Professional staff

All this is possible because of the teaching and support staff. UEC TEFL Thailand has been established since 2005 and prides itself on having teachers with over 10 years experience of teaching in a wide range of sectors, including government, private and international schools at elementary, secondary and tertiary levels, as well as corporate clients such as Thai Airways. In addition to the teacher training, you will learn important do’s and don’t’s about Thai culture, how to power up your resume, and ace your interviews. From classroom learning, to help with accommodation and visa advice, to delicious lunches and drinks every school day, you will be in good hands.               testimonials


Getting top salary

UEC TEFL Thailand will provide employment opportunities, but graduates of UEC will have the freedom to choose where they want to work. Salaries generally start at 35,000 baht for candidates with a degree. UEC TEFL Thailand has extensive connections all over Thailand and Asia among public and private schools, as well as the corporate sector. It’s not uncommon that graduates are presented with job opportunities while in the final weeks of their course. Finding a job is less of an issue than choosing which one is right for you!

Teaching Experience in Thailand

Making a difference

Some of our graduates have gone to the rural areas for modest salaries to make a big difference in the students’ lives. Teachers like Martyn who went to an impoverished school in North Eastern Thailand, who helped Kay realise her dream of excelling in English. Kay ended up winning awards at the national English competitions, and has been selected for a Royal Thai Scholarship to attend a university in England. During the UEC TEFL course, you’ll get to make a difference at the Fatima Centre, where UEC staff and students hold weekly classes for underprivileged children.

Building connections

In the end, it’s about the people. UEC keeps in touch with graduates, and you’ll have a network of teachers and administrators throughout Thailand. You can chat with other graduates working in government, private and international schools to get their take on teaching in Thailand, how to get the jobs you want, and advice on building your teaching career here. The UEC staff is committed and equipped to assist you throughout your teaching journey. Contact us and see how we can help you get started. Even if you decide not to go with UEC TEFL, we can advise on what options are available.

TEFL in Bangkok

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Give yourself the best experience & job opportunities

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Thai Ministry of EducationUEC TEFL Thai is one of the few TEFL course providers in Thailand officially registered and licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. Since 2005, UEC has been enabling all our TEFL course participants to make a difference for the less fortunate at the Good Shepherd Sisters’ Fatima Center in Bangkok with free weekly English lessons as part of the course. Everyone can progress through education.
UEC TEFL Institute in ThailandTEFL Thai offers a carefully designed 120-hour English teacher training and certification program. The 120 hour UEC TEFL/TESOL course is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and is internationally recognized. The learner centered and holistic approach of the 4 week training course provides participants with practice teaching opportunities in 4 different learning environments while helping the less fortunate.

Why Choose UEC TEFL Thai?

      • UEC programs are licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education.
      • UEC offers a worldwide accepted TEFL certificate course in Bangkok.
      • UEC programs help the less fortunate in Thailand through volunteer teaching.
      • UEC constantly updates its programs to share the latest teaching methodology.
      • UEC regularly attends and presents at international education conferences.
      • UEC enables TEFL graduates to secure well paying work world wide.
      • UEC enables graduates to start a new career and do very well by teaching.

What our Graduates say:            More testimonials      Be a part of the UEC difference        facebook-logo-featured

After graduating from the UEC TEFL course, I continued with the SUNY Master degree with UEC, and am now the Vice Principal at an international Kindergarten in Bangkok. When I needed to fill a position at school, I turned to UEC and hired a recent graduate. I trust UEC and know the teacher training is top notch. Thank you UEC!
Connie H., Thailand


I was a student a couple of years ago. I want to say how much of an improvement the course has made in my life. This specific program was recommended to me for being one of the best available in Thailand, and without disappointment, it was. I wouldn’t have been able get the job that I have now, or live abroad without the help of UEC and this TEFL program.
Elizabeth May, USA

The 12 tenses and language terminology were quite challenging at first. Before TEFL, I was unable to understand tenses and terminology. Now I find that these two areas of English language are quite simple and straight forward. The instructors explained them very well and in an easy to understand manner.
Richard P., UK

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